Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bears Land a Real Quarterback -- Will it Matter?

How about those Bears?  That's Jay Cutler, over there; the Bears' latest best hope to actually have a real quarterback playing the position.  Remember Sid Luckman?  No?  Ask your father, er, grandfather.  There's a chance. .....

So that's the guy he is replacing over there....Kyle Orton.  Not his best picture, probably; guessing he was having a bad day, or the flash made him blink, or, he was sleep deprived, or......(Gosh, I'm starting to sound like one of the Bears coaches.)

A friend asked if I was surprised that Jerry Angelo would make a move as bold as this one seemed to be; I answered that I was totally surprised he would do something this unexpected in light of the "Kyle is our quarterback" declarations.  So I guess it's like politics -- never believe anything publicly uttered until it's denied.

But the real story here is this: it IS ok to get excited that the Bears now have Orlando Pace, a real-deal, no kidding O lineman who will make any quarterback look good (ok, better).  (His picture is way up top, left.)

But take this to the bank:  given the lousy use to which Bears have put their recent draft choices, it's like they paid for Cutler -- a quality player, in all likelihood -- with Confederate money.

Old Man Halas would have been proud.

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